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Roosevelt Jean-Francois (DTM)

About Me: I love reading, asking questions, and listening. My blog is a platform to share stories with others and to share content on leadership education. I love connecting people to their dreams and to have conversations about the life they've always wanted. I like sports, traveling, and spending time with my family.

VP of Education

Andrew Bern (DTM)

About Me: I joined Toastmasters Club Awesome 2445 in Coral Springs in 2012. Currently, I have completed my Competent Communicator (CC). I will serve as Secretary for Club Awesome 2015-2016 and as Area Director for 24. Professionally, I am an Emergency Physician. I have worked primarily in South Florida since 1984. I have served on the National Board of Directors and Chairman for my professional society, The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). I have also served on the Board of Directors for the Florida College of Emergency Physicians and currently serve as a Councillor.

VP of Membership

Kip Barkley (DTM & PM3)

About Me: In June 1990, Kip Barkley made two life-changing moves: he quit his day-job and joined Toastmasters. Since that time, he has earned 35+ Competent Communicator awards, 12+ Competent Leader, and more . He has held all seven club officer roles and served once as Area Director. With engineering degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic and the University of Rhode Island, Kip worked for defense contractors before branching out on his own. He is a registered professional engineer and now an independent computer consultant. He uses his Toastmaster skills to market and deliver his technical services. Special interests are humor, story telling technology and wine tasting.

Joined Toastmasters: 1990


Arlene Joseph


Barry Moss (CC)

Immediate Past President

Julian Y Gomez (CC)

Emile Allen (ACB)

About Me: Dr. Emile Allen is a Medical Hypnotist and the former Chief of Urology and Vice Chairman of Surgery at Scripps Memorial Hospital-La Jolla, California. Throughout his career, he saw the power of the Subconscious Mind to control post-operativepain. His decades of experience and unique perspective as a surgeon and medical hypnotist led him to develop his MindWise Protocol, Drug-Free Pain ManagementMethodology forthe Self-Management of Acute Post-Operative Pain and Chronic Pain. He has helped people world-wide and has become a leading expert in Advanced Medical Hypnosis. Dr. Allen teaches the MindWise Protocol to healthcare practitioners.

Joined Club: Club Voice
Joined Toastmasters: 2010

Francine Axsom

Shanta Boodhai

Ernie Couto

Joined Toastmasters: 10/1/18

H James Curry

Hyvelle Ferguson-Davis

Joined Club: April 2019
Joined Toastmasters: April 2019

Michelle Fletcher (CC)

Kori Gillion

David Gonzalez

Joined Toastmasters: Feb 2019

Lisa Gosine

Rick Hendricks (ACS/ALB)

About Me:

 You will find this easy to believe. When I left NORAD and the Air Force, no companies were looking for people that could track aircraft and scramble interceptors on unknown aircraft—UFOs too. This means I had no marketable skills to offer a private business. Then something remarkable happened.   Procter and Gamble hired me. At the time they were the world’s top marketer. It turned out great because I loved marketing and sales. It's fun, and I stayed in the discipline for four decades. My career included working for prestigious Fortune 500 companies in the beginning. Then switching to small and medium-sized businesses. The real fun began when I started and ran two successful enterprises. The tasks were enjoyable and helped clients grow. For instance, I wrote business strategy plans, plans for marketing strategy, and advertising copy. All of these helped small businesses rebrand, improve, and expand.                                
Other You know business methods change. This is especially true in marketing. The internet changed that. We went from the confines of print-only  to the mind boggling and wonderful anything-goes internet. This means copywriting had to change and adapt. To address this, I earned graduate degrees in strategy and marketing. This knowledge allows me to serve clients better. More importantly, I earned two necessary certifications. Search Engine Optimization Neuromarketing Methods These two skills pay huge dividends for modern marketing.
Mission (What I Do) My mission is to help businesses grow and market profitable. The best way to grow is to market well. Part of marking well is to have great messaging. That can be in the form of presentations, advertising copy, and website content. Nothing is more satisfying than helping people grow their companies. When you help businesses grow, you help create jobs.

Joined Club: 9 January 2019
Joined Toastmasters: 2011

Jhonson Joissin

Joined Club: March 2019
Joined Toastmasters: March 2019

Chris Lips

Joined Club: August 2018

Renee Lloret

Sid Marcus (DTM)

About Me: A magician and story teller, Sid is retired from the construction industry. He brings humor to our meetings and experience from many years. He have been a Toastmaster for 50 years.

Ruthlourne Morency

Everett Keith Neely

Pat Pinera

Dayro "Rey" Reyes (DL1)

Connor Richardson

Joined Club: May 1, 2019
Joined Toastmasters: May 22, 2019

Tania Stuart

Shawn Walker (CC/CL)

Joined Club: April 2019
Joined Toastmasters: April 2019

Joined Club: March 2019
Joined Toastmasters: March 2019